Friday, October 31, 2008


Isla Bonita Elementary School was the only school to hit the streets to Trick-or-Treat. Here are the students having much fun. The weekend will be packed with Halloween fun for everybody with parties at ABC Pre-School, All Saints Day at the Roman Catholic School, Fido's Courtyard, Playa Lounge and Pedro's! See you guys there! Happy Halloween everybody!

Halloween Fun at Pre-Schools

The pre-school children of San Pedro did not go out to Trick-or-Treat this year, instead the schools held Halloween parties at their respective school grounds where businesses delivered treats to the kids. Here are a few pictures of the children having fun.

ABC Pre-School

Staff of ABC Pre-school

Milo's Center hands out treats
Little Angel's Pre-school

San Pedro Pre-school
Belize Bank delivers cup cakes

The ladies of Moondancer delivered treats to all the pre-schools

Thursday, October 30, 2008

US Embassy Notice on Travel Visas

The United States Embassy in Belmopan would like to remind all applicants that visa appointment times fill up early in the month of December. Applicants who plan to travel during the Christmas or New Year holidays should schedule their appointments as soon as possible in November or early December. Expired visas cannot be extended or renewed without a personal interview. Visa application and appointment schedule information is available on the Embassy’s website at

Double Take!

Conch Ceviche!! - Here we have our Ambergris Today reporter Sofie Muñoz taking a break from all her hard work to enjoy some delicious conch ceviche now that the season is open. She caught up with Virginia Wallace “China” who does her rounds on the streets of town selling her delicious ceviches and shrimp cocktails. Click on the picture to enlarge and see if you can find the 7 changes made to the top picture!

Wednesday, October 29, 2008

U.S. Military Donates a New Kendal Bridge

The flooding around the country is still headlining all the news media as the situation still calls for much attention in order to send aid to those in need.

The bridge in this photo is similar in design to the bridge that will be installed in Stann Creek District.

A new temporary bridge for the Sittee River crossing in the Stann Creek District arrived in Belize on October 24, courtesy of the United States military’s Southern Command (SOUTHCOM) with assistance from the U.S. Military Liaison Office in Belize City.

Ambassador Robert J. Dieter commented, “We are pleased to be able to assist the people of Belize, particularly those in the Stann Creek District, during these difficult times of flooding and other uncertainties."

The bridge, valued at approximately one million Belize dollars, will provide single-lane passage over the Sittee River at Kendal until the permanent bridge can be reconstructed. It is a 350-foot, anti-skid bridge and was manufactured by Mabey Bridge and Shore, Inc. It is a five-panel structure that can be disassembled, transported, and erected at another location after its service at Kendal is finished.

SOUTHCOM will send engineers to assist and provide guidance to the Ministry of Works on the installation of the bridge while the Government of Belize prepares the abutments and piers, and manages the installation of the bridge.

Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Assistance for Flood Victims

Kevin Gonzalez & NEMO are requesting help from the community for areas on the mainland. Mr. Gonzalez was sent to help coordinate the Belize River Valley and things are pretty bad there. One of the more immediate needs for Lemonal, Rancho Dolores, Maypen and Crooked Tree are:

Baby Formula: Nestum, Cerelac, Rice Cereal, Lactogen, Klim 123 & Lasco
Baby Bottles
Baby Diapers: Large & Extra Large

They could also use a few extra Life Vests/ Flash Lights / Rain Jackets

** No Clothes Please **

Anyone willing to help can leave these item at Tropic Cargo care of Kevin Gonzalez / NEMO / Belize City. Your help will be much appreciated. Thank You!

Monday, October 27, 2008

Holiday Hotel's 20th Halloween Ann.

It was the biggest Halloween Bash that The San Pedro Holiday Hotel has ever hosted. And it was the participants that made the party the biggest. Holiday Hotel was packed with people in costume who tried to win the many fabulous prizes that were bring offered. A red carpet was laid for those who attended and there was a huge crowd of spectators outside the hotel that stood all night long to get a glimpse of all the costumes. Here are pictures of the top prize winners of the night. Make sure that you view the large gallery of Holiday Hotel's Halloween Bash that will be posted this Thursday at

First Prize - Nesher Acosta (Fisherman)

1st Most Original
Funniest Group
2nd Most Original
Scariest Couple
Best Group

Liliana Nunez Voted Miss Amity

Liliana Nuñez participated in the Miss Tropico 2008 Pageant over the weekend that was held in La Ceiba, Honduras where she was voted Miss Amity by all the contestants who participated. Miss Venezuela was crowend Miss Tropico. We congratulate Miss Nuñez for a job well done and making Belizeans proud. Read the entire story in this week's edition of Ambergris Today out on Thursday.

Friday, October 24, 2008

PUP Launches Newsletter and Blog Site

In a press briefing held this morning by the San Pedro PUP Executive Committee, Chairman Andre Perez introduced the San Pedro People's United Party new San Pedro Vibes Newsletter and Blog Site. The newsletter is aimed to educate residents of the island on the current happening within the local PUP leading up to the Town Council Elections 2009. The blog site is an extension of the newsletter to better diffuse information and the newsletter. A complete report will be published on next week issue of Ambergris Today Newspaper.

Visit the San Pedro PUP Blog Site at Copies of the bi-weekly newsletter will be distributed around town and are also available at the new PUP Office located on Angel Coral Street, next to the Popular Tortilla Factory.

Parking Lot Access

The new parking lot on Pescador Drive has opened and residents have started using it. We at Ambergris Today sometimes have to circle the block up to three times to find parking space close to our office and sometimes wait for somebody to move his vehicle. With the amount of traffic on the island, the parking lot will surely be a great asset. For a small fee, residents can enjoy the ease of finding a parking spot in town.

Thursday, October 23, 2008

News from Liliana in Honduras

Liliana Nuñez left San Pedro on Monday, October 20, enroute to La Ceiba, Honduras where she will represent Belize at the Reina Internacional del Tropico Pageant. The second annual pageant is scheduled from October 20 to the 26 when the final selection will take place.

The very next day Liliana made it in the socials of the local Honduran newspaper ‘La Tribuna’ where she was interviewed. She was described aspleasant, sweet and sincere under the headline “Miss Belize: I am not plastic, I am original”

The article quotes Liliana saying, “I came with the intention to win, but also to showcase my beautiful country of Belize, its tourism and my people of San Pedro, La Isla Bonita.” She continued on by stating to the newspaper that if she wins the title of Miss Tropico 2008 she would take the crown back home and talk about her experience in Honduras, promoting tourism throughout the entire region.

Liliana was crowned Miss San Pedro in 2006. We wish her all the best in Honduras. You can also VOTE for Liliana in the Miss Tropico Internet. Click HERE to read Liliana’s interview in La Tribuna.

Wednesday, October 22, 2008

TV Documentary on San Mateo

Dear Friends,
Please take a few minutes (actually six!) watch this video. It was lovingly prepared by video journalist, Travis Mathews, at no cost to the school. Travis did an incredible job of documenting the struggles of the people who live in San Mateo and the children who attend Holy Cross.

The short video, of what international news media will air in the days ahead, shows the living conditions in San Mateo, Ambergris Caye, Belize and how Holy Cross Anglican School is assisting the community of San Mateo by acting as a buffer between the community and the developers. This video was done as a fund raiser for the school so it could continue to provide the services to the over 500 children enrolled there. Many thanks to Travis and to each of you who support this ministry with your prayers and financial contributions.
Blessings, Francis Wilson

To find out how you can be of assistance to Holy Cross Anglican School please visit their Blog Site

Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Fire Alarm this Morning

The Fire Department rushed to the San Pedrito Area this morning, answering a call about a fire in the area. Upon arriving at the scene, an electrical meter outside a residence had caught on fire, but was outed by the time the fire truck arrived at the scene. No major damage was reported.

Classes Called off In San Pedro

The Ministry of Education has called off classes for today for the entire Belize District due to the bad weather conditions currently affecting the country. All schools on Ambergris Caye, with the exception of Island Academy, San Pedro Roman Catholic Primary School and Maestro Reyes School of Knowledge, have called of classes for today. This also includes all pre-schools.

Heavy Rains Still Falling

A week of heavy rains over northern Honduras, northern Guatemala, and Belize due to Tropical Depression Sixteen and a Western Caribbean tropical disturbance (91L) have resulted in record flooding and deadly mudslides across the region. In Honduras, a nationwide state of emergency has been declared, and at least eleven people are dead and two missing from the flooding. Two large landslides blocked the Coyol River in western Honduras yesterday, forming a lake 500 feet deep. Engineers are attempting to drain the lake today, but they won't be helped by the weather--91L promises to move little the next two days, and will continue to dump heavy rains on the region. Here in Belize, damage is already estimated in the ten of millions, and some areas are seeing flooding worse than was experienced during Hurricanes Mitch and Keith. Satellite estimates suggest up to a foot of rain has fallen over the region in the past week.

Flooding in San Igancio, Cayo

Visible satellite loops show that the intensity and areal coverage of 91L's heavy thunderstorms have remained about the same the past 12 hours, and are primarily affecting Belize and the east coast of Mexico's Yucatan Peninsula this morning. The storm is located too close to land to develop into a tropical depression, and wind shear is also rather high, 20 knots.

The forecast for 91L
Wind shear is expected to remain in the 15-25 knot range over the next three days. Steering currents are weak, and little movement is likely through Wednesday. Heavy rains will affect northern Honduras, northern Guatemala, Belize, Mexico's eastern Yucatan Peninsula, western Cuba, and the Cayman Islands through Wednesday. A trough of low pressure swinging across the Midwest U.S. should be able to start pulling 91L northward or northwestward by Thursday. Once 91L enters the Gulf of Mexico on Thursday, the trough should swing the storm to the northeast, bringing it across the west coast of Florida between Tampa and the Big Bend region on Friday night. Wind shear will be very high over the Gulf of Mexico this week, in the 30-40 knot range, and 91L is expected to make a transition to a very wet extratropical storm by Friday. The storm should bring sustained winds of 30-35 mph and heavy rains of 2-3 inches to Florida.